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Farnham Park

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The following particulars relating to Crondal were set forth preparatory to the pleadings, held before King Edward I. and his council, at Aberconway, in July, 1284, when the long continued disputes between the Bishops of Winchester and the monks, which originated from Bishop Walkelin's arbitrary appropriation and division of the Cathedral estates, were amicably settled.

The negotiations for the settlement of these disputes were commenced in June, 1278, during the episcopate of Bishop Nicholas de Ely; and among other requests the Convent asked that the churches of Droxford, Havant, and Crondal with the adjacent chapels, assigned for the maintenance of the lights in the Cathedral Church, should be restored to them.

Originally in Latin.

"These are the services which the Prior of Saint Swithun's, Winchester, and his tenants of Crondale, as well the freemen as the bondmen, owe to the Lord Bishop of Winchester.

In the first place, that all the tenants, the freemen as well as the bondmen, owe two suits a year before the steward of the Lord Bishop at the Blackheathfield, which is in the manor of Farnham, which two suits are called Wue de Francplegge.

Also, the said Prior and his men of Crondale, are bound to enclose the Bishop's Park at Farnham, the freemen as well as the bondmen; each one according to his own share ought to enclose the park, which enclosure comprises two and a half leagues of land.

And it shall be lawful for the Lord Bishop, if any default is found in the enclosure of the aforesaid park, that the said men, the free as well as the bond, should be distrained by his bailiff of Farnham and amends made.

Also, the said Prior shall give to the Lord Bishop's park keeper at Farnham a quarter of wheat yearly.

Also, the said park-keeper shall have in the manor of Crondale, from each virgate of land, a bushel of oats, heaped measure, and ten eggs.

Also, when the Prior, his steward, and his other ministers shall for a bribe, or through partiality, refuse to do justice to any plaintiff of the hundred of Crondale, the Lord Bishop of Winchester and his steward have power at the first lawday at Blackheathfield, where the two hundreds assemble, to make inquisition as to and terminate this wrong and to exact amends therein.

Articles agreed upon with the assent of the Lord Bishop, John de Pontissara, and Brother William Basynges the Prior and the entire Chapter of Winchester, so that perpetual peace should be established between them."

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